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Vizsla Dog Outline Design Extra Large Eco Friendly Reusable Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

$ 29.95

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Now you can carry your Vizsla with you wherever you go when you get the Vizsla Outline Design tote bag by Tote Tails!

Product Features:

  • A unique and artistically designed tote bag that features a cute outline design of the Vizsla dog breed on one side of the tote.
  • Our highest quality 10 oz. cotton twill tote bag material. 16.5"h x 15.5"w x 7"d and 21 inch straps mean you can fit all of the goodies from your farmer's market trip into one bag.
  • 21" straps allow for a comfortable carry and easy access to contents inside the tote bag.
  • A carrying capacity that easily exceeds 35 lb's.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We are a small woman owned business and we stand behind our products. If you are not satisfied we will gladly refund your purchase.
  • The Vizsla Dog Breed Outline Design 10 oz. cotton twill tote bag is the perfect gift for the Vizsla dog lover in your life.
  • 10% of every product purchased on ToteTails.com goes directly to benefit the SPCA, Humane Society and other animal welfare organizations.

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