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Custom Pet Design Framed Canvas Prints by Tote Tails

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Calling All Pet & Animal Lovers!!

We all know somebody who is just over the moon in love with their pet.

Help yourself, a loved one, friend or co-worker show off their pet with a one-of-a-kind Custom Pet Canvas Print from Tote Tails!

Upload a photo or photos of your actual pet(s) and our talented artist, Amitie, will turn your pet(s) into a 100% custom and unique illustrated design that will be expertly printed using the highest quality smudge resistant inks onto an all natural and high quality framed cotton canvas.

Custom Pet Framed Canvas Design Options:

There are four unique design styles to choose from:

  • Illustrated (our most popular option)
  • Outline
  • Photo
  • Silhouette

There are seven unique background color & style combinations to choose from:

  • The "paint splatter" background style comes in red, blue or yellow/orange
  • The "sponge" background style comes in red, blue or yellow/orange
  • The "watercolor" background style 
  • No background

Browse through the images above to check out examples of each design style we offer. 

10% of every product purchased on ToteTails.com goes directly to benefit the SPCA, Humane Society and other animal welfare organizations.

  • Ordering your Framed Canvas is Super Easy!  Here's how you do it:

Step 1: Upload your pet's photo to our personalization form
Step 2: Select your background style & color options
Step 3: Select the size of framed canvas that you want your custom design to be printed on
Step 4: Select the design style that you want our artists to create for you (illustrated, photo, outline or silhouette)

Photo Selection Instructions:

When thinking about which photo of your pet to submit for our artist please be aware that we will be using the exact photo that you upload as a reference when creating your unique custom pet framed canvas print. 

Please upload a good quality photo of your pet that highlights the features of your pet that you want to see on your printed canvas.  

Try to ensure that the photo that you upload is at least 1000px by 1000px in resolution.

Only one photo per pet may be uploaded! 

This is to avoid any potential confusion on our end and this helps avoid the issue of us not creating the illustration that you want because we chose a photo that you didn't like as much.

Cut off photos or poor quality photos will result in delayed creation & delivery of your order.

What Happens After You Place Your Order:

You will get a confirmation email and FB message as soon as you place your order, and our talented artists will get to work right away on creating your beautiful custom design.

Typical fulfillment times for our custom tote bags ranges from 3 - 5 business days.

Shipping times depend on which shipping option you choose at checkout.

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