7. Travel Dog Harness by Martha Stewart Pets® - $29.99

This nifty harness works for walks and car rides alike- the nylon strap allows a seatbelt to be looped through for secure restraint while in the car.


8. Pet Chatz, $349

If mom has to leave pup alone, why not be able to Skype and dispense treats?

It’s on the pricier side of our list, but can one measure long-distance love? 

Pet Chatz
Source: Pet Chatz

9. Dog Mom Apron, $24.00

We all know she’s cooking home-made dog meals and will be proud to tell the world.

Source: Cafe Press

10. How Dogs Think by Stanley Coren - $12.95 +

Helicopter mom already has a pretty good idea what’s on her pup’s mind, but just in case…

Source: Amazon

11. Dog Pacer Treadmill - $479

Another higher budget item, but for those winter months when long walks are ruff on dog’s paws and exercise is needed?

Source: Dog Pacer

12. Go Pro - $59.99

See everything he’s doing, whether in the next room or in the next town.

Source: Go Pro

13. I’m Not a Regular Mom t-shirt - $22.40

She’ll wear it with pride- and you know it!

Source: Human

14. Curry Pet Brush by by Martha Stewart Pets® - $11.99

Because grooming is as motherly as motherly gets.


15. Catbird Full Heart Necklace - $60

Pawsonalize her pup love in silver and gold.


16. Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl - $5.97 to $7.97

Not that she has a problem sharing out of her water bottle, but this collapsable bowl fits easily in any carrier, human or canine.

Source: PetsMart

17. I’m Mom’s Favorite Dog Shirt - $22.95

We know, pup. We know.

Source: Zazzle

18. Voyce $299.

The ultimate “what is my dog feeling?” answering tool, Voyce is a wearable collar that helps monitor your pup’s health and wellness.

Source: Voyce

19. GNC Pets Sunscreen - $11.99

Safety first, even during beach play.

Source: GNC

20. If Our Dog Doesn’t Like You… plaque - $25.00

Because a dog mom always knows who to trust.

Source: Etsy

21. Camio Plus - $9/Camera/Month

The perfect present for helicopter moms, Camio is an app that turns your laptop, cell phone and/or tablet into a streaming video camera.

It’s free with one camera device and $9 for the plus plan with two devices!

Now you can see what your pup’s up to when you’re away.

dog stealing remote