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Calling All Pet Niche Bloggers!

Let's build a pet-themed community together.

Let's face it, calling any of us here at Tote Tails HQ bloggers would be quite a generous statement.  The truth is none of us are really all that talented when it comes to creating quality blog content.  

However, all of us absolutely LOVE reading blogs - especially quality pet themed blogs that focus on communicating useful information for pet owners and building a community of loyal readers and fans.

That's why - starting this week - we would like to announce our Blogger Outreach Program!

Basically we would like to invite any and all bloggers who specialize in the pet niche to write for our blog. We are especially looking for bloggers who have a proven track record of building communities on their own personal blogs - but we will take newcomers to the blogging world as well - as long as they show that they are committed to writing useful articles.

"But what's in it for the bloggers?" I hear all of you wonderful wordsmiths saying.  Well, for starters let's get one thing out of the way - we can't pay you for your articles...yet.

What we can do and will do is promote your articles via all of our social media channels and newsletter and on our blog.  

We can also link to your personal blogs from our blog / social media accounts, and lastly, we can provide you with a unique 25% discount for any tote bag product that you wish to order through our site.

But that's not all.  Because we want to build an active community of pet enthusiasts, animal lovers and pet communicators on our site, and because we want to become an authority figure on pet care, training and welfare, we have one other alternative form of compensation to offer interested bloggers.

That alternative compensation opportunity is our affiliate partnership program.

If you don't know what an affiliate program is, basically it's a program that allows you to become our partner and receive a commission for every sale that you send our way.  

All affiliates receive a unique link from us which they can promote through their websites/blogs/social media channels.  If a reader clicks on the link they are taken to our website.  If they then buy something on our site the blogger whose link sent them to our site receives a commission on that purchase.

This is an extremely common practice in the blogging world - and is one way (of many) that bloggers earn their living.

So, if you think you're interested in helping us create the most useful and pawsome community of pet lovers on these here interwebs please leave us a comment or send us an email or call us or Facebook message get the idea. :)

Our dream is to create the kind of incredible knowledge bed and fun loving pet themed community that we would love to be a part of ourselves.  Together we can definitely make this community a reality.

All the best,

~Jack Atlasov

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