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  • Announcing the Tote Tails Gift Bag Giveaway!
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Announcing the Tote Tails Gift Bag Giveaway!

At Tote Tails we believe in keeping things fun and exciting.  Which is why we are thrilled to announce a new gift bag giveaway program that we think you will all love!  Here's how this program works:

Every so often one lucky customer who purchases a pet themed tote bag or pet themed drawstring backpack from our online store will receive their tote or backpack filled with over $100 of pet-themed treats, toys and gift certificates!!!

The most exciting aspect of this giveaway is that anybody who purchases a tote bag from our online store can win one of these gift bags.  

There are only three things you need to do in order to qualify to win:

1. Sign up for our email newsletter.  Signing up for our newsletter is super easy, and by becoming a newsletter subscriber you are guaranteed to be the first to know about all of the special events, contests, deals and discounts that we offer.  Also - newsletter subscribers get to participate in even more gift bag giveaways, including our famous Farmer's Market Gift Bag Giveaway where the winner gets their choice of one of our beautiful pet themed tote bags that's filled with all sorts of goodies from the Napa Farmer's Market vendors.

2.  Purchase a tote bag from our online store.  We have other Gift Bag Giveaways that are exclusive to our farmer's market customers, but this one only applies to customers who purchase their totes through our website.

3. Share your purchase on social media and let us know by including the words "@totetails" in your post.  This will tag us in your post - allowing us to see that you have indeed shared our page with your social network.

An important detail for this contest is: There is no minimum purchase to participate in this giveaway (you can buy our regular silhouetted tote bag for $15 with no names or paw prints on it all the way up to our custom tote bag with 4 pet silhouettes on it for $50) and it doesn't matter.  Each purchase counts as exactly ONE chance to win.  If you want to increase your chances to win please consider making multiple purchases. : )

We can't tell you EXACTLY when the next Gift Bag Giveaway will be, but if you're looking for a hint we can give you this much...the next Giveaway winner will be a customer who bought one of our tote bags or drawstring backpacks through our website between March 21st, 2015 and June 30th, 2015.

Even if you don't win, you can take consolation in the following two facts:  

1. You are now the proud owner of a beautiful and unique hand painted high-quality personalized pet themed tote or drawstring backpack.

2. Ten percent of every purchase that you make on our online store (or at our farmer's market stands) goes directly to supporting amazing animal welfare organizations and rescues like the Napa Humane Society, the Sacramento SPCA and many others.

One last thing - if you like this kind of Giveaway please let us know by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.  If the feedback from you all is positive we will keep these kinds of fun giveaways going into the foreseeable future.

 P.S.  We're currently still in the process of picking exactly which doggie, kittie, and horsey treats and toys we want to include in our Gift Bag Giveaway.  When we decide exactly which toys and treats we're going to go with look for more blog posts with photos and descriptions of all these products on our blog and Facebook page.  Also - we are still trying to decide on which doggie obedience school to purchase the gift certificate from.  If you know any good schools in the Napa and/or Sacramento Area please leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page and we will check them out.

Have a great weekend everybody!

  • Jack Atlasov
  • contestsgift bag giveawaygiveawayspet totestote bags

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